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Men in Sheds is a project that supports older men who want to get together to share and learn new wood-working skills.

During the first weekend of June, each year. Farmeco Community Care Farm is a very active participant, with over a thousand visitors in attendance.

Plant Magic is a self-contained allotment-style area of Home Farm, devoted to discovering and promoting the physical and mental benefits of gardening. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Plant Magic provides a safe haven to have a go at growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. It also provides schools and colleges with opportunities to understand the origins of the food we eat.

FCC-CBS will hold its annual bonfire night on 4th November 2018. This will bring all community members and the public at large in uniting in such a happy occasion. The Farmeco is aimed at being packed with young and old, with the young ones spending their time with the sparklers and the older people all centred around a grand roaring bonfire.