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About Us

Learn more about Farmeco, our work and the activities.

Farmeco is


Farmeco Brings


Farmeco Reconnects

A Community Benefit Society registered under Co-operative and Community Benefit Society Act 2014, Reg No 7581.

Together like minded people to help raise funds and determine how to make education, health provision, community engagement and sustainable environment the core focus of Home Farm.

Our approach is powerful - linking business and charity to transform communities 

Farmeco has fivecore aims, three of which are general and business oriented and two focused on our charitable work and ethics. These are: 

Business aims and objectives

  1. Widen involvement in agroforestry and environmental matters through:
    1. Tree planting, pruning and management training and practical sessions
    2. Volunteering and participation in the edible woodland activities
    3. Increased rural tourism through wider rural engagement
  2. Increase accessibility to healthier fresh food produce through:
    1. Harvesting, storage and processing of fruits and nuts
    2. Production and distribution of jams, juices, ciders and wines
    3. Environmental drive to produce local food thereby reducing food miles
  3. Development of an economically sustainable organisation through:
    1. Profitable operations that support living wage and return on investment
    2. Improved employability especially among young people
    3. Encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial activity amongst young learners
    4. Stimulate interest to encourage greater economic growth and co-operation

Charitable aims and objectives

  1. Community capacity building through:
    1. Life skills development, knowledge sharing and confidence building
    2. Facilitating and encouraging volunteering and participation in Farmeco work
    3. Increased employability and participation
  2. Enhance community participation and engagement through:
    1. Activities that encourage inter-generational and multi-ethnic participation
    2. Pro-active support for engaging hard to reach and ageing communities
    3. Shared ownership in the running of the local economy by the community

Our Team

This team of dedicated volunteers, staff and management group support our day-to-day work at Farmeco

The farm owner (award winning farmer), management committee member and carried out most day-to-day farming activities

David Rose

Acting Chair of the Management Committee

Office Admin undertaking all office roles, member of the management committee member and helps at least one day a week at the farm

Angela Wathoni

Office Admin & Secretary to the Management Committee

Owner & Manager of Plant and Animal Magic and works with animals at the farm

Ceri Anne Joseph

Committee Member & Staff Member (Animal Husbandry)

Local resident who also works and lives near the farm

Jason Hearse

Committee Member & Volunteer

Volunteer to the project by linking the city to the farm and supporting marketing and selling of the products

Kevin Price

Committee Member & Volunteer

Volunteer who supports in various roles at the farm and in partner projects

Frank Mojatu

Committee Member & Volunteer

Owner & manager of Cafe Velo Verde 

Paul Green

Committee Member & Volunteer

Volunteer at the farm and Young People's Project

Daniel Ibiminion


CEO Mojatu Foundation and frequent volunteer at the farm

Valentine Nkoyo


Local resident who also works and lives near the farm

Jeff Moss


Fearless Youth Project (FYA) Manager and frequent volunteer at the farm

Esther Muthoni


Community Member

Penny Cooper